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Ayurveda and Exercise


Ayurveda and Exercise


Ayurveda and ExerciseThe life is nothing but a management of energy bank. Food is taken, gets digested and physical and mental labour is discharged. In other words energy is consumed, energy is metabolized, energy is discharged. A complete bank. So energy discharge is an essential part of life. The daily routine job in our life does never cover the need of all the muscular exercise. That is why there is need of regular Physical Exercise.

Ayurveda suggests  some guide lines for exercise. Ayurveda and Exercise

The exercise should be practiced after an Ayurvedic oil massage.

What is the benefits of Physical Exercise?

Ayurveda: Laghavam karma-samarthyam, deeptognir-medasah kshya,
                    Vibhakta Ghana-gatratvam, vyayamat upajayate..

Exercise brings lightness, ability to work, good appetite to body. It helps in liquification of unnecessary fat and toning and shaping the muscles. It gives a solidity to body.

Who is not eligible for exercise?

Ayurveda: Vata Pittamayi Balo briddho ajinni cha tam tyajet.

Young child, old man, patient suffering from Vata and Pitta disease and indigestion should not practice exercise.

Who is eligible? What is the limit of exercise? What is favourable season?

Ayurveda: Ardha shaktya nishebyastu balibhih snigdha bhojibhih.

                   Sheeta kale Basnte cha mandameba tatto anyada..

 A strong person taking food mixed with fat is eligible for exercise, amounting equal to half of his own energy during the period of winter and spring seasons. During the other four seasons he should practice even less exercise.

What should be done after Exercise?

Ayurveda: Tam krutwanusukham deham mardayetcha samantatah.

After exercise the body should be massaged with moderate pressure without causing any harm to the skin, muscles etc.

 What is the hazards of excessive Exercise?

Ayurveda: Trishna kshaya pratamakoraktapittam shramah klamah.

                    Atibyamatah kaso jwarachhardischa jayate..

Excessive exercise may cause dryness of mouth, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, purpura, tiredness, fatigue syndrome, cough, fever, vomit etc.

 Exercise should be performed after and with thorough medical supervision.


Written by: Dr Ambika Prasad Nayak.


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