PIVD Treatment Protocol


What is the PIVD Treatment Protocol?

PIVD Treatment Protocol starts with indoor admission. It is a must in order to support panchakarma treament guidelines.

Bed rest is advised to align the vertebral column and minimize manipulation to recreate (samsarjana) the tone of muscles and ligaments after every treatment.

Objective of the treatment is just not to manage the disease but to conserve the good health of the spine, ligaments and tendons.

Through whole body treatment, Ayurveda handles the patient not the disease. Localized treatment is advised to subside the signs and symptoms. Virechana, Basti are the most important treatments to manage PIVD.

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What is the treatment protocol of PIVD in Ayurveda?

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PIVD Treatment Protocol 

PIVD Treatment Protocol helps conserve the natural body structure. It helps prevent spine surgery. Spine surgery is not always successful. And also spine surgery interrupts  the continuation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. PIVD Treatment Protocol prevents sciatica, spondylitis, low back pain. It tones the muscles. It pacifies the nerve irritation. PIVD treatment in Bhubaneswar

A failure case of Spine Surgery for PIVDpivd treatment in ayurveda

This is an example of many cases where the spine surgery is failed to give a relief from PIVD. There is recurrence of pain and other complications for which the patient underwent spine surgery twice.

Why should the PIVD patient avoid Spinal surgery?

pivd treatment in ayurvedaSpinal surgery may remove the herniated part of the disc over the spinal cord.

But it does nothing to tone up the muscles, nerves, ligaments.

Say, spinal surgery may remove compression from the spinal cord, but it does nothing to prevent the process of compression of vertebral column.

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