Back Pain Treatment
March 20, 2013
May 25, 2013
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Back pain treatment

The first line of treatment for back pain is bed rest. It helps the alignment of the back bone. It prevents compression of the vertebrae. It prevents inflammation. It prevents degeneration. It helps revitalization of the total entity.

This should be followed by strict guidelines for food and life style fixed by Astang Ayurveda. Food like black gram, white rice (Basmati rice), curd, ripe banana, white flour, egg, crab, chilled food worsens the disease. Likewise life style like day sleep, late night bed, prolonged standing and sitting, stereo type posture damages the health of the vertebral column.


Bone is considered too be the site of Vata. It is nourished by medicines prepared with bitter, astringent herbs and fatty materials extracted from herbs or animal products. The fatty nature of the oil or ghee counters the dry nature of Vata. When the medicated ghee or oil is warm in temperature it subsides the cold nature of vata, it subsides the pain due to inflammation.

The different herbs present in the compound medicines helps toning the muscle, ligaments. They prevent deposition of osteophytes.

Application of medicated enema eliminates the exaggerated vata, along with the feces. The enema called Asthapan basti rehabilitates the neurological function derailed earlier due to the deficit caused by vertebral compression.

Other Ayurvedic treatments meant for back pain management manages some other consequences like, burning sensation, muscle wasting, stiffness, numbness, swelling etc.

All of the above mentioned treatments never include any type of surgical interference and manual manipulation of the vertebral column.


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