Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment

Back pain Treatment is a common problem among men and women. Low back pain treatment is a common search among the joint and spine patients. Back pain comes as a symptom or complication of spine disease like PIVD/IVDP (Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc), lumber spondylitis, spondylolysthesis (slip disc), lumbago sciatica, cervical spondilitis etc. There are some pathogenesis like cyst, tumor, tuberculosis, cancer, deposition of osteophytes, spondylo arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis) etc which cause back pain.Back pain Treatment

In the above mentioned diseases the spine gets degenerated. Sometimes one vertebra descends over the lower vertebra causing the reduction of inter vertebral disc space. As a result the disc gets prolapsed. It causes spinal canal stenosis or spinal canal constriction. It affects the normal physiology or function of the spinal cord.
Back pain Treatment

We can take an example of lower back pain. There are bilateral exiting nerves at Inter vertebral space of lumbar spine. These nerves combine together to form the sciatica nerve. When the bilateral exiting nerves get compressed in between the vertebrae it affects the normal function of the sciatica nerve. That causes pain, stiffness, tenderness, tingling pain, numbness, burning sensation in the hip, thigh, lower leg, and foot. Sometimes the sciatica nerve itself gets compressed in the sciatica notch. It also causes the above mentioned symptoms like stretching pain, stiffness and numbness in the leg.
cervical spondylosis

The same situation may take place at the cervical spine level. It causes neck pain, shoulder pain, upper and middle back stiffness etc. The neck pain may radiate to the hand causing tingling sensation. Hot water sponging and exercise may relieve the neck pain for a short period. Gradually its become chronic. Among all Ayurvedic treatment is supposed to be the best non-invasive treatment for neck pain.

The inter-vertebral disc compression may take place as a result of impulsive trauma due to a fall or a road traffic accident. Otherwise the compression occurs as a result of overuse and wear and tear of the lumbar area. It is mostly seam among housewives, carpenters, traffic police, farmers etc.

Tips for back pain treatment (Back pain home remedies)

  1. Avoid prolong standing. Alter with alternative sitting.
  2. Avoid prolong sitting. Alter with alternative standing.
  3. Avoid sleeping on mattress. Use hard and tough bed for sleeping.
  4. In kitchen ladies should practice cooking, keeping the burner at the level of the chair. That means the top of both the table and chair should be 18 inches.
  5. Lie supine on a bed to get relief from low back pain.
  6. Focus on the digestive system. Take less amount of food.
  7. Keep focus on expelling flatus. Retention of air in abdomen exaggerates lower back pain.
  8. Avoid pillow to avoid neck pain. Use a collar pillow.

Back pain treatment at Astang Ayurveda

Astang Ayurveda is a model Ayurvedic panchakarma hospital for back pain treatment and other joint and spine diseases. We provide Ayurvedic medicines selected from our own pharmacy other reputed pharmacies and our beloved teachers.
Back pain Treatment

There are certain cases which are quit complicated and in advanced stage. In that case we provide back pain Ayurvedic treatment with the support of panchakarma and physiotherapy. Our treatment protocol helps the patients to avoid spine surgery.

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