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Wellness care – Wellness managementWellness care- Wellness management
Wellness care- Wellness management is a hot topic in twenty first century. This concept has been developed into a fast moving business. But what is wellness care or wellness management? How old is this concept? What is its utility? Who is the beneficiary of this concept? Is there any solution for this in Ayurveda treatment, Ayurvedic medicine etc?testimonials

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Wellness care- Wellness management

Wellness is the first objective of life. This is the first objective of Ayurveda. Ayurveda says-

Prayojanam chasya swasthasy  swasthya rakshanam, aaturasya vikara prashamanam cha. (In Sanskrit)

That means the Utility of Ayurveda is to conserve good health or wellness and to pacify the ailment of the diseased person. Note that conservation of wellness is the first objective. Wellness care- Wellness management

Wellness management includes the wellness of body and mind. Modern physics says “body is that , what acquires a space”. But Ayurveda says-   Wellness care- Wellness management

Shiryate kshayate aneneti Sharira. (In Sanskrit)  Wellness care- Wellness management

“What is decayed and degenerated every moment is sharira (body)” . So there is need of a system called wellness management to conserve the good health or wellness. Also the mind resides inside the body. Ayurveda says-

Hridayh manasah sthanam. (In Sanskrit)

“Heart is the sheet of mind”.That is why the relation of body and mind are symbiotic they have impact over each other. Thus wellness care is a system to take care of mind also. Wellness care- Wellness management

How old is this concept (Wellness care- Wellness management)?

The concept of wellness is millenniums old. According to “History of Ayurveda“, the first book over Ayurveda was written before the creation of mankind. The book was divided into eight parts. The seventh part is the department of Rasayana or geriatric care. The eighth part is the department of Vajikarana or Aphrodisiacs. The objective of these departments are to conserve the youthfulness. This indicates wellness care-wellness management is a very old concept.

What is its utility? Who is the beneficiary of this concept?

As we have already discussed, its utility is to conserve the wellness of body and mind. From pediatric to geriatric, all the patients, disease and medicines come under the department of wellness, as the sole objective of life is to keep well, stay well and manage well the wellness of  life. Now a days some people have programmed a new concept called wellness Ayurveda.

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