Indigestion Treatment

Indigestion treatment is not a significant concept in different system of medicines. Most of the systems are exactly not clear about indigestion or dyspepsia treatment. There are certain folk treatments which claim “gas formation in stomach” is indigestion and release of gas is indigestion treatment. gastric problem symptoms

Indigestion treatment in Ayurveda

Indigestion Treatment

According to Ayurveda concept the human body is managed by three dosha (active principle) called vata, pitta and kapha. These three are the active outlets of wind (vayu), surya (sun) and Chandra (moon). These three eternal factors manage the universe. The equilibrium between the two universe, inside the body and outside the body keeps the body healthy.

As the fire cooks the food there is jatharagni (the fire inside the abdomen) that helps the food getting digested in abdomen. Any decline in the physiological function of jathargni leads to indigestion or ajinna. When we think of indigestion treatment or dyspepsia treatment we have to think of the types of indigestion or ajinna. There are 4 types of Ajinna in Ayurveda. There vistabdhajinna, vidagdhajinna, amajinna and rasa sheshajinna. Accordingly there are 4 types of indigestion treatment in Ayurveda. gastric problem symptoms

The common features of indigestion
Gas Formation in Stomach
Heaviness in Abdomen
Burning Sensation in Chest, Abdomen, Throat
Loose Motion
Distended Abdomen
Wind Retention
Body Ache
Back Pain
Muscular Pain
Dyspnoea on Exertion
Dryness of Throat
Abdominal Pain
Loss of Appetite
Lose of Interest in Food
Mental Irritation
Disturbed Sleep
Irrelevant Dream etc.

If you find the above mentioned symptoms within you, it could be a case of indigestion. Don’t ignore indigestion. It may give rise to numbers of fatal diseases.

Commonly there is a believe among the society and numbers of gastroenterologist that intake of digestive medicine and antacid will help in indigestion treatment. But indigestion gets relieved when we reduce the work load of digestive system. For that we have to limit the quality and quantity of food. It is more important whether the food is getting digested or not than what good food we take. So, dieting, semi-fasting and physical activity along with a sound sleep at night helps dyspepsia treatment.

Indigestion treatment tips

Indigestion treatment tips

  1. Stop your regular food.
  2. Go on semi-fasting.
  3. Drink warm water.
  4. Avoid day sleep.
  5. Take thin green gram (moong dal) and drumstick (sahejan/moringa) soup adding ginger and turmeric.
  6. Take dinner at 7 pm and go to bed by 9 pm.
  7. Walk 5 kms in the morning.
  8. Maintain the calmness of the mind.

If is doesn’t work and if it works consult Gastro Care at Astang Ayurveda. Keep it in mind indigestion is the mother of all diseases.

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