How does a disease take place?

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January 29, 2015
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How does a disease take place?

How does a disease take place?

According to basic principle of Ayurveda, every incident that takes place is the ultimate consequence of a reason behind it. So as any disease is the ultimate consequence of some sort of reasons behind it. The complete occurrence of a disease is a continuous journey of a pathogenesis that starts from the accumulation of reasons and ends at the onset of the disease.

The onset of the journey takes place at the excessive/ less/ wrong practice of time, objective of life and the physical and mental activity. This practice helps accumulation of the causative factors of the disease.

It is a normal tendency, gathering of same elements at one place for a longer time exaggerates the nature and practice of that element. Expansion of the elements in area and activity is another normal tendency. After expansion the elevated confidence instigates to invade and settle in a new place. That happens in case of the accumulated, exaggerated and expanded toxic elements of the body. Then the disease shows the presuming signs and symptoms of some unseen diseases. With time it displays the cardinal symptoms of a disease along with the prevalence of that’s variety. (e.g.: Arthritis:- Rheumatoid/ Gouty/ Osteo/ Tubercular etc)

Why, this is important?

Because, with the information mentioned above, we understand that there are five or six steps where we can prevent the disease before it takes place.

Dr A P Nayak

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