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Sexologist in BhubaneswarAphrocare word comes from the original word aphrodisiac. Astang Ayurveda lunched a sex clinic in Bhubaneswar for sex disease treatment called Aphrocare. The best sexologist in Bhubaneswar appreciate the treatment principle practiced at our hospital. Aphrocare takes care of sexual disorders and all sex diseases. They are Erectile dysfunction, libido disorder, nocturnal emesis ( night pollution ), infertility, oligospermia, aazospermia etc. Some of the sex clinics and para medical centers in Odisha and India cheat people. They don’t have a good sexologist doctor. They create a pessimistic fear among the patients. The patient is given wrong and unnecessary medicines. The pathogenesis of the disease is not discussed. The patient is not given the proper sex education. Astang Ayurveda has taken bold step to compensate all the gaps.

 Aphro Care is a move ment. Aphro Care is a revolution to bring smile over a scared face. We have taken all majors to make this the best sex clinic in Bhubaneswar. The best sexologist in Bhubaneswar attends our patients at our sex clinic. Sex patients from all age group are advised to meet the sexologist doctor.

Aphrocare Patients | Sex Patients

Patients from all age groups are treated here at Astang Ayurveda. They are suggested to come with all of their previous health records with them, during the first visit. They may come with their spouse. Patients are suggested to come with close and intimate people only. Our doctors and staffs maintain the secrecy very well. Your privacy is reserved.

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The patient can use the above contact to book an appointment. The following programs at Astang Ayurveda help people get a good sex treatment and a perfect sex life. sex clinic in Bhubaneswar

Aphrocare Counselling | Sexual disease counselling

Most of the sex patients come with no disease at all. Most of the symptoms of sex disease are fake. People get afraid of Sexologist in Bhubaneswarthis due to ignorance. The cheat counselor in the market take chance of it. They cheat the victim. We have taken steps to educate the sex patients. We have started aphrocare counselling. Through this program we educate the sex patient. They learn the difference between sex disease and myth. Myth breaking in sex disease treatment is very important. We do it religiously. Read more…sex clinic in Bhubaneswar

Aphrocare Medicine | Sexual disease Medicine

Aphrocare medicine or sex medicines are plenty in number in Ayurveda. They vary from state to state. In Odisha classical Ayurvedic medicine for sex disease Sexologist in Bhubaneswartreatment are practiced. At Astang Ayurveda we practice the selected medicines from all the reputed Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers. Also our hand made medicines are considered to be the best among all Ayurvedic sex medicines. We provide Ayurvedic sex medicines in the form of tablets, syrup, powder, Modak, Taila, capsule, cream etc. We promise that no steroidal hormone are prescribed for the sex disease treatment. Read more… Sex clinic in Bhubaneswar

Aphrocare Treatment | Sexual Disease treatment

Some times Ayurvedic medicine for sex does not give the expected result. In that case Ayurvedic treatment for sex disease is required. At Astang Ayurveda we provide best Ayurvedic Sexologist in Bhubaneswartreatment for sex disease. Sex disease is included into the Vata roga in Ayurveda. Astang Ayurveda is the best Vata roga Hospital. That is why we provide the best Ayurvedic sex treatment at Astang Ayurveda Panchakarma hospital, Bhubaneswar. Read more… Sex clinic in Bhubaneswar

Written by Dr A P Nayak on Dt 13.11.2016

Get the best sexual disease treatment from the best sexologist doctor of the best sex clinic in India. 

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