PadghatPancha Karma treatment means five treatments those include Vaman, Virechan, Anuvasan Vasti, Asthapan Vasti and Nasya Karma associated with many other ancillary treatments. All these treatments look very simple. Of course they are simple as they are achieved through the natural path. Obviously they are practiced in many Ayurvedic hospitals. But point to be noted: it is not important just, to perform pancha karma, it is important to eliminate toxin, cure disease, not to create another disease or complication and perform pancha Karma with proper traditional and scientific guidelines.

Padaghat Massage of the body with the help of the feet is called padaghat. This massage exerts maximum pressure on the body. It is a reverse massage by feet only. This is achieved after application of oil on head and body and rigorous exercise. It makes body tough and enhances the immunity power. Now a day it is mostly practiced as a preventive therapy.