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Pancha Karma treatment means five treatments those include Vaman, Virechan, Anuvasan Vasti, Asthapan Vasti and Nasya Karma associated with many other ancillary treatments. All these treatments look very simple. Of course they are simple as they are achieved through the natural path. Obviously they are practiced in many Ayurvedic hospitals. But point to be noted: it is not important just, to perform pancha karma, it is important to eliminate toxin, cure disease, not to create another disease or complication and perform pancha Karma with proper traditional and scientific guidelines. Best Ayurvedic treatment in India and Panchakarma treatment in Bhubaneswar

Ayurveda treatment is comprised of two types of treatment such as : Shaman treatment i.e. pacifying the disease with the help of internal medicine and shodhan treatment i.e. eliminating the vitiated doshas(toxins) through the natural way. The shodhan treatment includes

Vaman (induced vomiting) – It helps in elimination of vitiated Kapha dosha.

Virechan (induced loose motion) – It helps in elimination of Pitta dosha.

Anuvasan vasti ( oil/ ghee enema)– It helps in rehabilitating Vata dosha.

Asthapam vasti (medicated water enema) – It rehabilitates Vata dosha.

Nasya (administration of medicine through nose) – It manages all the problems of the ear, nose,throat, eye and neck.

While the above concept is accepted by the medicine school of Ayurveda and Rishi Charak, Rishi
Sushrut the father of surgery winds up anuvasan and asthapan within one vasti treatment and
considers bloodletting as the fifth treatment of the five pancha karma.

All these treatments of the five pancha karmas are regarded as Pradhan karma or main operation.
These main operations are preceded by two Poorva karmas or preoperative managements called
Snehan & swedan karma and followed by samsarjan karma or recreation practice.

Snehan is achieved by internal and external administration of Ghee, bone marrow, fat, oil.

Swedan is achieved by 13 or more types of fomentation procedures. Unlike modern science, traditional panchakarma treatment classifies swedan treatment into deferent types like dry, wet, oily, rough, nourishing, degrading (langhaniya), vata pacifying, kapha pacifying type and many more.

Samsarjan or recreation is a gradual moth practice of reformation through recovery from a hospitalized patien’st life to a life born to be free.

Other than these there are lots of ancillary treatments which make Ayurveda a complete health science and give human being a healthy life.

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