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Sciatica is the an abnormal pain and difficulty observed sciatica herbal treatmentalong the sciatic nerve due to any sort of irritation or compression of the same. Pain, stiffness, numbness, burning pain are some of the symptoms of sciatica. Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It starts from the lumbar area. Five nerve roots from the lumbar are a arise and unite together to form the sciatic nerve. It again gets separated at different level of the leg to supply different area.

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Sciatica in Ayurveda- Gridgrasi

sciatica herbal treatmentAccording to Ayurveda the Indian system of medicine the disease is compared with Gridhrasi. The word Gridhrasi is derived from Gridhra i.e. Eagle. A sciatica patient walks like a gridhra or Eagle. Sciatica or Gridhrasi is a condition where dysfunction of Vata affect the sciatic nerve characterized by stiffness in buttock, pinning pain, radiating pain from hip to leg. The radiation takes place along the back of the thigh and outer border of ankle, foot and toes. Stiffness and impairment of lifting thigh also observed in this case.

Sciatica problem

It is observed that the incidence of low back pain with sciatica is 30% to 90% with a world wide prevalence. Unfortunately it takes place during the age of 30 to 50. And that is the most productive period of a human being. 25% loss of productivity takes place due to back pain.

The concept of low back pain and leg pain is not new. It is too old a concept. Description of the same is available in Atharva Veda, Bible and also in the works of Shakespeare.

The methods of treatment are many varying from exercise to sciatica herbal treatmentrest, manipulation of discs, muscles, joints to immobilization. Also the healing person to treat the disease are numerous. They include medicine/ orthopedic medicine or surgery doctors, chiropractor, physiotherapist, Ayurveda doctor (Vaidya) and many alternative medicine therapists. Also Yoga for sciatica is a hot topic.

Modern medicine treatment is restricted to analgesic and bed rest. Analgesic drugs do have lots of side effects.

sciatica herbal treatmentIt is remarked that once a low back pain, the life time a low back pain. But it can be proved wrong by Ayurveda treatment in most of the cases. Ayurveda tries to mange the disease and takes care of the spine, vertebral disc and the sciatic nerve.

Ayurveda nourishes the sciatic nerve, tone the lumbar and thigh muscles, prevents compression and boosts immunity to prevent different pathogenesis behind sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatica Herbal Treatment

 Written by: Dr A P Nayak

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