Pancha Karma treatment means five treatments those include Vaman, Virechan, Anuvasan Basti, Asthapan Basti and Nasya Karma associated with many other ancillary treatments. All these treatments look very simple. Of course they are simple as they are achieved through the natural path. Obviously they are practiced in many Ayurvedic hospitals. But point to be noted: it is not important just, to perform pancha karma, it is important to eliminate toxin, cure disease, not to create another disease or complication and perform pancha Karma with proper traditional and scientific guidelines.

Gandush Treatment

gandush treatmentGANDUSH Taking sufficient amount of medicated fluid inside mouth such that the mouth cannot be moved is called Gandush. When a lesser amount of fluid is taken in the mouth such that the mouth can be moved easily, it is called Kaval. It strengthens the jawbones. It makes the tone sweet and sharp. It nourishes the face. It enhances interest in food and enriches the sense of taste. It prevents dryness of throat and cracking of lips. It strengthens the teeth.


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