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Ayurveda and Bath

Ayurveda and Bath

Bath is a regular practice everywhere in the world. Some people take it in the morning, some in the evening. Some take hot water bath, some cold. Now a days herbal bath or Ayurvedic bath is very popular among people. Ayurveda suggests some guidelines for bath. So we must learn Ayurveda and Bath.

What is the benefit of bath?

Ayurveda: Dipanam vrishyam ayushyam snanam urjabalapradam.
                 Kandu mala shrama sweda tandra trut daha pashmajit..
Bath is very useful in enhancing appetite and digestion. It is anti aging and adds to life. It gives immense energy and inspiration. It removes and prevents itching and the scales of body. It relieves the tiredness, drowsiness, thirst, burning sensation etc. Bath gives a sense of holiness in body and mind.

How to bath with hot water?

Ayurveda: Ushmabuna adhah kayasya parisheko balabahah.
                   Tena eba tu Uttamangasya Balahrut kasha chkshusha..
A hot water bath below the shoulder is good for health and boosts the physical energy. Hot water bath on head weakens the strength, vision power and causes hair loss.

Who is not fit to take bath?

Ayurveda: Snanam Ardita netraasya karna roga atisareshu.
                 Adhmana Peenasa ajeerna bhuktabatsu cha garhitam..
Somebody suffering from diseases of nose, eye, ear, diarrhea, abdominal disorder, cold, rhinitis, indigestion should not take bath. Immediately after taking food bath should be avoided.
Dr A P Nayak

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