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Take Ayurvedic massage at Astang Ayurveda only. Massage is a natural anti oxidant. A massage must always be followed by a steam bath. Book massage appointment online

Different types of massages are available. They are oil massage, Ayurveda powder massage (Udvartan), Potli massage (Nawara Kizhi/ Starch massage) etc. But Ayurveda oil massage (Abhyanga) is most popular. A synchronized four hands massage gives a sense of symmetry to the body.

Along with massage you may take a herbal face care and foot care. At Astang Ayurveda Herbal means herbal, Ayurveda means Ayurveda. No chemical base is used to support the herbal medicines. We care your face, foot and body with 99.9 % herbs only.

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You may book a massage, foot care, face care, Shiro dhra or any other treatment by taking an appointment through;

Contact our Astang Ayurved hospital at Bhubaneswar, India 751020 phone @ 07008176012, 09437055021, 0674-2352797 or email to @,

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