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The concept of Wellness care is as old as the concept of Ayurveda. The first objective of Ayurveda is to conserve the good health of an welbeing. In Bhubaneswar Astang Ayurveda provides wellness care at Astang Ayurveda wellness center. Herbal body massage, herbal foot care and herbal face care are the prime activity in our wellness center.

Wellness care- Wellness management

Ayurvedic Body Massage:

Herbal Foot Care:

Herbal means herbal. No chemical in the name of base cream or preservative. We provide zero chemical herbal treatment to your foot. Normally the body massage take 45 minutes. And just imagine we spare 45 minutes to care your feet only. An intensive herbal care of your feet through the course of rubbing, scrubbing, cleaning, cleansing and massaging give your feet a new looks and your heart a new feeling. Just feel the lightness and brightness while stepping down the stare case of Astang Ayurveda.

Herbal Face care:

As herbal is only herbal, no chemical, Face care is face care, no facial. After all the face care at Astang Ayurveda is performed under the close monitoring of Ayurveda doctors. We understand the price of face. It is invaluable. We try to value it. We understand, applying some cream or gel based foundation over the face can never explore the inner beauty. We have gone through the inner beauty of Ayurveda texts and explored the formulae composed of the precious herbs. We take care of your face with the support of Ayurveda guidelines and traditional techniques. To describe, this is endless. Please come experience, fall in love, express...

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Written by Dr A P Nayak on 27th December 2014.


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