Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Ayurveda

Knee joint Pain Treatment

Get best natural remedies for knee joint pain Ayurvedic treatment in India at Astang Ayurveda. Knee pain treatment in Ayurveda

Causes of knee joint Pain:

knee joint pain treatment

1- Trauma is a common cause of Knee joint pain.

2- Degeneration

3- Infection

4- Different types of Arthritis like Rheumatism, Gout, Osteoarthritis etc.

5- Others

Home remedies of Knee joint pain:

1- Bed rest

2- Icing in acute trauma case

3- Hot fomentation in chronic case.

4- Nourishing oil fomentation and oil massage in degenerative arthritis case.

5- Knee cap, Knee support.

6- Pultice (Upanaha)

7- Knee Exercise-

A. Sit on a chair and extend and raise the affected leg putting on five kg weight on the ankle joint. Repeat the process 10 times within three repeatations, thrice daily.

B. Cycle in air sleeping on the back.

C. Extend and dorsiflex the both feet.

8. Follow arthritis diet.

Osteoarthritis Knee:

Osteoarthritis of knee includes two types of pathogenesis which include “degeneration of bone and synovial fluid in knee” and inflammation of tendons and ligaments those uphold the knee joint. Degeneration occurs due to trauma, injury, chronic arthritis and above all aging. The second type of osteoarthritis in knee takes place due to relative over weight or trauma and injury. Relative overweight means the ratio between t”he tone of the ligaments and tendons around the knee joint” and the weight of the patient. A small example- An overweight person weighing 90 kg is a second type OA knee patient. A person weighing 45 kg also suffers from the same disease? This is because of the low tone of the ligaments and tendons.

Signs and Symptoms of Osteo Arthritis Knee:

Osteoarthritis Ayurveda Treatment

1- Pain

2- Swelling

3- Redness

4- Temperature

5- Immobility/ Restricted movement

6- Crepitation sound on manipulation of patella

7- Pain in outer ligaments or tendons on standing up or sitting down. More prominent

during stepping up and down the stare case.

Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment for Osteo arthritis Knee:

Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment is the best treatment available to manage the osteoarthritis of knee. The Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurveda pancha karma not only prevent the degeneration of the knee joint but strengthen the ligaments and tendons. Normally in modern medicine there is no such good medicine to tone the ligaments and tendons. At the other side Ayurveda does have a good number of herbs which tone the ligament and maintain the actual gap inside the knee joint. Specially for the ligament related osteoarthritis Ayurveda Pancha karma is the best treatment. Knee joint pain treatment

Is Knee replacement Essential?

Simply No except the case where the knee joint is frozen due to excessive degeneration and excessive deposition of osteophytes. All the knee joint arthritis can be very well managed by knee joint pain treatment in Ayurveda without any surgical interference. Surgery should only be indicated in excessive degeneration and osteophyte deposition. Even also Knee replacement is not a very successful treatment specially in case of overweight people. After some years it fails? Then what is the alternative?



Written By: Dr A P Nayak on 22nd February 2016.

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Knee pain treatment in Ayurveda

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