Sciatica Ayurvedic Treatment

Sciatica Ayurvedic Treatment

Sciatica Ayurvedic treatment includes five or more options for a temporary sciatica pain relief. A long standing cure of sciatica is also possible by a guided food habit, life style and medicament and Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment. After all the options include-

  1. Surgery-  Surgery is not a very good option, as most of the time surgery is performed close to the spinal chord.
  2. Non surgical manipulation
  3. Medicine
  4. Physiotherapy
  5. Alternative medicine.
  6. Folk medicine
  7. Home remedies etc.

Although Ayurvedic treatment comes under alternative medicine, it has its own stance in the field of treatment of sciatica.

What is Sciatica?

What is sciatica symptoms?

What are Sciatica Causes?

What causes sciatica?

What is sciatica treatment?

Sciatica Natural Home Remedies

In modern medicine system, oral medicines are prescribed. They include NSAID ( non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs), analgesic, muscle relaxant, steroids etc.

The local therapy includes heat to cold fomentation, chiropractics etc. Sciatica Ayurvedic Treatment

Sciatica TreatmentFolk medicines and home remedies for sciatica are numerous, like taking garlic, Turmeric, castor oil, local bandage of leaves, oil massage etc. Sciatica Ayurvedic Treatment

Physiotherapy is also a good option. But it has its own limitation. It is a non medicinal treatment. Breaking the pathogenesis of the disease is not possible with physiotherapy only. However it is one of the best complementary to any sciatica treatment.

Sciatica Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for sciatica gives stress over pacification of Vata dosha. The treatment includes analysis and assessment ofSciatica natural home remedies

  1. Site of involvement
  2. Associated dushya (affected tissues)
  3. Status of Vata
  4. Prakriti (Nature of patient)
  5. Age
  6. Sex
  7. Physical and Mental Strength
  8. Adaptability (Acceptability)

The treatment is comprised of food habit, life style, medicament, therapy etc. Balancing the imbalanced dosha and pacifying the symptoms of sciatica is achieved. The syndromes and complications of sciatica are also manged.

sciatica ayurvedic treatmentThe younger the patient, the fresher the disease, the better is the result of Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment. As soon as the symptoms manifested, the treatment should be started. Otherwise that leads to an advanced stage with numbers of complications. A quick ayurvedic treatment prevents the prolapse of the intervertebral disc PIVD and restores the health.

Mostly non-surgical treatment is adopted by Ayurveda for the sciatica treatment. Sometimes blood letting therapy is advised for the same.

Sciatica Treatment at Astang Ayurveda

Astang Ayurveda is a specialized Ayurvedic hospital for Joint care and Neuro Care. We provide a protocol based Ayurvedic treatment for sciatica. For that the patient has to come to the hospital with a prior appoint. He should get all his previous treatment records with him. At the out patient department he has to meet the doctor for consultation. He may be advised for internal medicine or Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment.

For the best Sciatica Treatment at Astang Ayurveda call in +91-9437055021.

Written by: Dr A P Nayak on 29.8.2016

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