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Diabetes discussion


Diabetes discussion

Diabetes discussion

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Diabetes is a disease or a disorder. Lots of people say it is disorder. It is amazing, they suggest medicine. I think a disorder requires a rectification.

Rectification of food habit, rectification of life style.

Rectification of food habit is just not control of glucose, fat, protein etc. Reducing the nutrition will detoriate health. Rather the diabetic person should be suggested to take quality food and work hard. Quality food does not mean rich food.

Quality food means the suitability, quantity, metabolic value, the digestibility etc. Much more things about food habit has been described in Ayurveda.

Also life style matters lot for diabetes person. Ayurveda says this id a rich man’s disease. No physical exercise, all doings opposite to the normal practice (e.g. day sleep, sleep after food) lead to diabetes.

Monitoring glucose is not monitoring diabetes. Please note a point. The hyperglycemic people many a times face situations like hyperglycemia. So we can say diabetes is just not hyperglycemia. Rather diabetes is lack of control over serum glucose level. That means diabetes is the ultimate result of multi systemic dysfunction. The multi systemic dysfunction includes the dysfunction of physical, mental and spiritual systems. Let us focus upon a small matter-

During Diabetes Care, the doctor suggests the diabetes patient to limit the food by quality, quantity and variety.

This practice gives rise to weakness. Itself diabetes is the main reason behind weakness.

If the patient takes more food, the serum glucose level increases. If the diet is reduced, the a decrease in the level of energy is marked.

At this point there is need of a micro nutrition.

Lots of micro nutrition (rasayana) are described in Ayurveda. They give energy, prevent complications and control the serum glucose level.

The increased level of glucose in serum and blood causes tissue degeneration. Gradual tissue degeneration takes place starting from serum to siemens. The degeneration exaggerates the Vata Dosha. That leads to diabetic neuropathy.

A page is not enough to discus Diabetes.

Written by Dr A P Nayak


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