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Aahara Kalpana

Indian food unlike many other continental food is prepared with different oil, spice, flavours, essence etc. These are not there attract the foody people. The process is there to secrete salive, create interest in food, eliminate distraction from food and properly digest the food taken.

Coming back from my last diversified article on Basanta ritu charya, today I write some thing about the proper guide line for intake of food.

There are seven Kalpana or program which are to be considered during intake of food.

Swabhava (say nature)- By swbhava some food are guru (heavy)/ laghu (light), snigdha (rich by ghee)/ ruksha (dry) etc.

Samjoga– By combination food behaves differently.

Samskara– By samskara or value addition food acquire new properties.

Matra (Quantity)- Amount of food is to be considered.

Desha (Geoclimatic condition)- Regionality of food and the person.

Kala (Time)- Kala waits for stages of disease, digestion and season.

Upyoga Bybastha– It says about the dos and don’ts during intake of food.

Do not take food
Take food
Without taking bath, with a single dress, nude, dirty dress, without offering food to God, without arranging food for pets and servants, so hot food, Charred food, Unknown food, evening, early morning, under open sky, in darkness, under the tree, on the bed, keeping first finger straight, taking the plate on hand, keeping the plate on your seat,
At suitable place, suitable time, in dinning space, clean dishes, with friends, after washing hands and legs, facing east, served by a well wisher, with holistic approach, putting on five sense organs.

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