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February 25, 2013
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How to sleep | About sleep


Nidra | Sleep

Today, very early morning I got up to administer 60 ml of  Tiktaka Ghrita (Medicated ghee) just at the sun rise to my Psoriasis patient who lives in the in patient department. Like any other Tuesday I went to temples. Obviously now I am tired and long for a sound sleep. I am blessed with a habit of sound sleep. Thank God.

Sleep is the second of the trilogy (Traya upastambha) that we discus for last some days.

Sleep comes normally at night.

Lokadisarga prabhava tamomula tamomayi.

Bahulyat tamaso ratro nidra prayena jayate..

During the creation of the universe there was Tama i.e. darkness. The nidra is also originates from the tama guna. That is why the nidra comes normally at night.

Sleshmavruteshu srotahsu shramat uparateshu cha 

Indriyeshu swakarmabhyo nidra vishati dehinam.

When the sleshma the bi product of Aahara rasa covers all the micro channels, all the sense organ get tired of their subjects and stay detached, and then comes the role of nidra.

Benefits of Sleep

Nidrayatam sukham dukham pustih karshyam valavalam.

Vrishata klivata gyanamagyanam jivitam na cha..

Sukha (Happiness), duhkha (Sorrow), pusti (Nourishment), krushata (Emaciation), bala (Strength), abala (Weakness), vrishata (Power of sex), klivata (Loss of sexual activity), gyana (Knowledge), agynata (Ignorance), jivana (Life), Mrityu (Death) all are under the control of sleep.

Excessive sleep, little sleep, sleeping in odd time will devastate the happiness from life and the life itself.

Awaken night brings rukshata (Dryness), while day sleep brings unnecessary  snigdhata (oiliness, say deranged lipid profile) in body.

Sleeping interruptedly in a sitting position in day time is good.

Those who speak, travel, walk, indulge in sex, booze, lift weight, get angry, stressed regularly, diseased person, child, old, traumatized may sleep in the day time.

Obesed person, oil and ghee consuming person should not sleep in the day time. Poisoned and person with a throat disease should not sleep at night. In summer season day sleep is allowed.

Excessive sleep will enhance the kapha that calms down the digestion power, as a reason the channels get blocked. That brings heaviness and leatharge to the body those again enhance the bad habit of excessive sleep.

Not only me The Ayurveda says this.

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