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February 22, 2013
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February 25, 2013
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Ayurveda and spring season

Basanta Ritu Charya: Life style in spring season

— I slept yester night thinking of writing something about the Ayurvedic way of “selecting and taking food”. In between the twittering sound of birds in the morning from the near by trees reminds me the presence of spring season the Basanta ritu. Basanta ritu charya or lifestyle in spring season is worth written.  Because the shleshma (say the phlegm) collected in winter gets melted in spring and creates diseases.

The Kapha accumulated in the winter season gets melted due to the heat of the Spring season and detoriates the Agni (the fire , the power of appetite and digestion). That is why all measures should be taken to take over Kapha.

We should avoid food with the propertirs of  Guru (heavy food), Sheetala (chilled), Snigdha (oily food), Madhura (Sweets) , Amla rasa (Sour taste) and life styles like Diva Swapna (Day sleep).

The advised preventive treatment and food habit should be as follows.

Tikshna Vamana (Strong vomiting).Chandana & Aguru lepa- Application of chandan and Aguru on body. Tikshna Dhooma Paana (Strong smoking)Tikshna Gandusha(Holding medicated liquid in mouth)Teekshna Nasya (Strong therapeutic nasal drop treatment),Vyayama (Exercise), Udvartana (Reverse powder massage).

— Internally

Boiled water  with Mutha, Asava, Arista, Sidhu, Mardhika, Madhava (different types of wine), Honey, Yava (A dry drug) , Godhuma (wheat) , Jangala mamsa (red meat) are advised.


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