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January 22, 2015
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Head Ache (Migraine)


Head Ache (Migraine)

There is nobody in the world who did never have come across a bad headache. Head due to stress, strain, infection, sinusitis and migraine are common. Migraine is profusely found problem among the developed group of people.

Migraine is mostly characterized by a bad headache that gets worse with time and lasts for two to three days without any remission. Associated symptoms like flash of light, sense of vomiting followed by remission are also observed.

Fasting, late night bed, empty stomach, exposure to sun heat, anger, stress are some of t he trigger factors.

As I have mentioned earlier this is a head ache associated with acid peptic disease, we should go for both the treatment to get control over migraine. There are very good medicines for migraine described in Ayurveda classics. People around the world take benefits of Ayurveda treatment for Migraine, sinusitis and other head aches.

Also Ayurveda treatments like Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Siro basti, Siro dhara ( visit are very much helpful for migraine headache treatment.

Dr A P Nayak
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