Food Sleep n Bliss – Healthy Lifestyle

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February 26, 2020
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Food Sleep n Bliss – Healthy Lifestyle

Food Sleep n Bliss – Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Life is precious. Food, Sleep and Bliss are the three sub pillars those carry the health. A balanced food, sound sleep and bliss keep a person fit. Now question arises- how to start living a healthy lifestyle? what is healthy lifestyle? The body is an energy bank. Here energy is earned, stored and spent for a good reason. Through food we earn or procure energy. Through sleep we store energy. Through bliss we spend energy. From clinical point of view energy is nothing but the immune factor of a person that keeps disease away.

How to start living a healthy lifestyle?

Food is nothing but a form of energy only. The solar energy is converted into a plant product. We take that energy in form of plant food material and exhaust in form of some activity. Sometimes we take animals those it plants or other animals. That is nothing but conversion of energy. Over all different level of food habit is conversion of solar energy into food. In a nut shell, Sun is the source of all energy. Sun is the authority of procuring energy. The impact of Sun on earth and the plant and animal kingdom is the maximum during the mid day, when the Sun is over the head and at the middle of its path. So we should take the largest meal at midday only. The dinner must be in between 6PM to 7 PM. It helps the food getting digested before we go to bed at 9.00 PM. A Maha Yogi takes one meal a day. A Yogi takes two meals a day. A house hold person should take three meals a day. Taking food with more frequency than three, invites diseases. Food nourishes 11.33% of the total immunity.Perfect Lunch Time

Sleep is a way to store energy. From clinical point of view energy means the immune power. Through food we procure energy, through sleep we store it. It adds 22.33% of the immune power. Sleep is always a priority over food. Sleep is highly contraindicated during day time. Very hot summer and some clinical conditions like Rasa Sheshajinna (a typical Indigestion) are some of the exceptions where day sleep is advised. We should sleep during the night. The night starts at 9.00 PM. So we should sleep at 9.00 PM.Good Time to sleep The sleep travels. At 12 Midnight when the moon is over head the sleep goes to the deepest zone. Moon is the authority of storing energy. Like we take the largest meal during the mid day, we should have the deepest sleep at mid night. Again the sleep gradually gets lighter and we may get up in between 4 AM to 6 AM before the Sun rise. Rise with the sun

Bliss is invaluable. It really keeps the life alive. We can say it adds 66.33% to the immunity. Bliss comes out of daily job/ duty/ performance/ activity. A perfect guided activity gives us eternal pleasure i.e. bliss. For that daily regimen (Dina Charya) and seasonal regimen (Ritu Charya) are described in Ayurveda scriptures. Along with we should not hold the urgency of flatus, stool, urine, sneezing, thirst, hunger, sleep, cough, breath, yawn, tear, vomit and Siemens. So as we should hold on the urge of jealousness, over thinking, teasing, cheating, anger, theft, greediness, misery etc. Controlled sexual practice adds bliss to life. It should neither be ignored nor be over indulged. These are the way of exhaust of energy. The pleasant exhaust of energy brings bliss.

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What is healthy lifestyle?

A good bank keeps proportion among the earning, storing and expense. A proportionate earning, storing and spending of energy i.e. food, sleep and bliss makes life long big and beautiful.




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