Diet-Nutrition-life style for skin disease: Prevent recurrence.

Diet-Nutrition-life style for skin disease

Diet-Nutrition- life style for skin disease

Astang Ayurveda believes, Diet-Nutrition- life style for skin disease helps prevent its recurrence. Ayurveda says imbalance in human physiology due to irregular diet and life style causes pathological changes in the body. Because skin is the index of mind and mind sits inside the body, any type of disease in human body will give rise to dermatological changes. This hazard becomes worse with minimal causative factors because they linger the treatment. Diet-Nutrition- life style for skin disease

To eliminate a skin disease and find a long lasting solution the doctor should give a health education to the patient. Skin health and health education to the patient is very important. In Ayurveda classics it is narrated repeatedly that minimal causative factor will help the skin disease reappear and once it appears it will take a long time to get cured. Diet-Nutrition- life style for skin disease

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Nutrition – life style – best diet for skin disease

Remember, skin disease and allergy are very much psychosomatic diseases. There is a very deep relationship in between the body and mind. Because, heart the main organ of the body is the seat of the mind. And also the heart is the pump house of blood and blood is the carrier of the skin disease. The doctor for skin, at Astang Ayurveda follow this basic rule of Ayurveda while conducting a skin treatment. Diet-Nutrition- life style for skin disease

Diet and Nutrition are two very important factors for the management of skin diseases. The importance of food is shouted by Ayurveda many a times. The skin patient (psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, lichen plannus etc) has to avoid some food habits and life style. Diet-Nutrition- life style for skin disease

Avoid food:

Curd, milk, gram, white rice, brinjal, raw onion, underground shoot, ladies finger, pumpkin, egg, prawn, crab, fish, sea food, wine, sweets, excessive salt, oily and spicy food etc. Diet-Nutrition- life style for skin disease

Avoid lifestyle:

Day sleep, late night bed, soap, shampoo, detergent, synthetic dress, and sun, dry air is contraindicated.

We suggest to control over food. Simultaneously we suggest for balanced food and nutrition. Because skin is made of protein, avoidance of all protein will create protein malnutrition. To compensate the loss the skin patient should be advised some healthy protein. Diet-Nutrition- life style for skin disease

Advised food:

Soya, Motton, Cheese, Ghee etc.                                                                   Learn Psoriasis Treatment

Advised life style:

Early morning sun bath, morning walk, Bengal gram powder for body wash, soap nut for shampooing scalp, neem and turmeric water bath, aerobics, Yoga, Pranayam (breathing exercise).

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