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IMG_1410“ Basudhaib Kutumbakam”. “The whole world is my family” and I deserve all rights to bother about my family members’ health. Some of my family members are healthy, some are diseased. I am worried about the ailing brothers and sisters. Equally I am concerned to conserve the good health of the healthy ones.

I believe that pill is not the only heal. Focusing over a medical care cannot be able to keep my family healthy. Believe me, health is not about the physical understanding. Maharshi Sushruta and so as the world health organization (WHO) have genuinely spelled that health is complete state of physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing and not merely the absence of any disease or deformity. That is why I believe in Ayurveda, which is just not a medical science, but a life science. It teaches us the art of living a good health. It teaches us the natural science of the nature.

Ayurveda says the life is supported over three sub pillars like food, sleep and sex. In lateral it tries to draw our attention that food, sleep and sex are the important reasons behind good or bad health. It says that the Jatharagni ( say power of appetite and digestion) is the basis of life. All the diseases get rise of the loss of appetite and indigestion.

It says the pathogenesis of the systemic disease does not take place immediately. It takes time to cross over five or six stages present a disease. The intelligent vaidya (doctor) or the patient himself can block the process of pathogenesis at any stage and prevent the disease. The disease can be permanently eliminated only if the reason behind the disease is eliminated.

We can keep disease away by following the guide lines of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has mentioned us, lots of guidelines like Age of marriage, selection of spouse, baby planning, anti natal and post natal care, baby care, daily regimen (Dina charya), seasonal regimen (Ritu Charya), behavioral approach, general health care etc.

Incredible Ayurveda, Incredible man kind. Come fall in love.

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