Sexual Disease medicine | Aphrocare medicine

Sexual Disease medicine | Aphrocare medicine

sexual disease medicine

Aphrocare  medicine is normally understood as sex medicine. Sexual Disease medicine  are plenty in the Ayurveda system of treatment. Astang Ayurveda Aphrocare sex clinic provides genuine treatment and reasonable medicine for sexual disease treatment. These herbal medicines are used without any side effect. Se medicines are very much helpful for the treatment of Libido, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Nocturnal Emesis etc.

But what is a good medicine? Ayurveda says “ Bahu kalpam bahu gunam sampannam yogya aushadham”. That means the medicine should be multi formed, multidimensional, potent and suitable for the patient. We cannot prescribe a medicine for each complain of the patient. A good medicine covers up the main disease along with its causes and complications.

Sexual Disease Medicine

Aphrocare madicines are selected from different pharmacies along with our own preparations. Different reputed doctors helped program the protocol of treatment and prescription of sex medicines in Ayurveda. Some of the medicines are classical or ethical and the others are patent medicines. Sexual Disease medicine | Aphrocare medicine

The classical medicines in form of tablets may be churned well in the (Khalwa Yantra) Pestle and taken as advised by the doctor. The Anupana (vehicles) plays a vital role in catalyzing the effect of the sex medicines.

Normally sex medicine is taken for a longer period. Because it takes at least 28 days for the generation of the semen and the sperm. So the expected result may take place at least one month to bring a change in sexual life. And Sukra Dhatu (Semen) is the seventh tissue, according to Ayurveda. Sexual Disease medicine | Aphrocare medicine

The effect of the sexual medicine sustains even after the completion of the course of treatment. Because the sex medicines are just not the medicines. These are the Rasayanas, the tonics.

Some food habit and life styles should be rectified as per the guidance of the physician. Morning walk, intake of sufficient water, early bed and early rise, intake of green vegetable are some of the important features.

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