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Sexual disease counselling | Aphrocare Counselling

Hi! How are you? Hope all is well. This is Aphro care counselling. Dear friend please tell me one thing, you came here after taking medicine or before going to consult a doctor. Don’t get confused. I am your friend. I am with always you, before or after the journey, does not matter.
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Can you please tell me, where does the sexuality live? Does it live inside the penis or testis or vagina or ovary? Who gives the drive to the sex? Who tones the muscle? Who erects the penis? Who brings the orgasm? Which organ does it? Which organ brings the sensorial pleasure? Don’t you think this is nothing but the mind that plays a vital role in initiating and finishing a furnished love making?

Counselling of Sexual disease 

Where does the mind reside? Ayurveda says “Hridayah manasah sthaanam”. Heart is the seat of mind. And what is “Hridayah”? Hridayah is said to have two place of work. The brain is the seat of the intellectual mind that shapes the thought process. The heart is the seat of the emotional mind that adds the colour to the intellectual mind.

So, can you please tell me where does the sex live? Whether it lives inside the penis or the brain and heart? At this point please tell me my friend, is it enough to take some medicine for the sex organs only? Is it not equally important and essential to take care of mind too? Is it not equally important to change your food habit, life style and thought process too?

You know the testosterone level in blood plays a vital role in the game of sex? I agree with you and all. You have to agree with me that testosterone level gets reduced with aging. Do you know sometimes it gets reduced before the age? Who is responsible for that? How to conserve it?

We do have more questions for you, answers too.

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