PIVD Ayurveda Modern Medicine Opinion

PIVD Ayurveda Modern Medicine Opinion

What is the opinion of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine on PIVD?

PIVD Ayurveda Modern Medicine OpinionWhat maximum a PIVD patient can be benefited from Modern medical science?

— Modern medical science suggests

— Pain killer,

— Muscle relaxant,

— Calcium,

Vitamin B12,PIVD Ayurveda Modern Medicine Opinion

— Bed rest,

— Exercise PIVD-Ayurveda-Modern Medicine Opinion

— And finally neurosurgery to remove the herniated part which is not free from risk.


What is PIVD (Disc prolapse)? What happens in PIVD? What is the importance of Low Back?PIVD Ayurveda Modern Medicine Opinion

What causes PIVD? What are the signs and symptoms of PIVD?

What is the treatment protocol of PIVD in Ayurveda?

What is the opinion of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine on PIVD?

How does Ayurveda Panchakarma prevents compression? What do we do at Astang Ayurveda?

PIVD Ayurveda Modern Medicine Opinion

How does Ayurveda address the problem of PIVD?

Ayurveda understands, the herniation or prolapse or protrusion of inter PIVD Ayurveda Modern Medicine Opinionvertebral disc takes place due to compression of vertebrae. Compression takes place either due to trauma (due to external factors e.g. accident) or loss of tonicity of muscle, ligaments, nerves etc. Loss of tonicity of lumbar muscles, ligaments and tendons cannot be conserved with medicines only. PIVD-Ayurveda-Modern Medicine Opinion

Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment for PIVD, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda Medicine and Bed rest can do wonder. Ayurveda believes to treat the patient first. That is why it goes for the whole body treatment. As a result the total immune system is mobilized towards the site of injury. The local treatment encases the opportunity and helps heal the injury. Simultaneously it tones the muscle. That prevents the further compression. Ayurvedic PIVD treatment is an assured gift by the God.

Modern medicine say the prolapsed mass invades the spinal nerve causing a blockage in nerve conduction. Ayurveda says the kapha (the IVD fluid) covers (invades) the Vata (the spinal nerve). It blocks the movement of vata (blocks the nerve conduction) causing pain (cutting/ cramping/ tingling/ stretching pain), dysfunction of body parts. PIVD-Ayurveda-Modern Medicine Opinion is helpful.

Ayurveda and modern medicine agree at a point regarding the cause and pathogenesis. But Ayurveda is a step ahead regarding the treatment and management of PIVD. PIVD-Ayurveda-Modern Medicine Opinion

Written by: Dr A P Nayak on Dt 13.3.2015.

Revised on  : Dt 30.04.2018

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