PIVD causes Signs Symptoms

What Causes PIVD ?

The causes of disc compression can be divided into external and internal type. The external cause includes trauma which is a common feature in athletes, workers, porters, trekkers etc. The internal cause includes overweight, less toned (hypo toned) muscle, thin body, hyper function of back bone, abnormal growth in vertebral spine etc. — These situations may give rise to pathogeneses like Lumbar strain, Nerve irritation, Lumar radiculopathy, Bony encroachment etc. These situations are called PIVD.

PIVD causes Signs Symptoms

All reasons do have good solutions, and the absence of the reason will relieve the pain.

But for PIVD (a common reason for LBA), no popular solution is available world wide other than spinal surgery andPIVD causes Signs Symptoms  physiotherapy.

Spinal surgery- The Risk is well known world wide.

Physiotherapy- No medicine exercise is like exercise without food.

The total process may give rise to different phenomena called spinal cord compression, spinal stenosis, bulging, thecal sac compression, cauda equina syndrome, herniation, prolapse, protrusion etc.

PIVD causes Signs Symptoms

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What are the Signs and Symptoms of PIVD?

PIVD causes Signs SymptomsThe patient may complain of pain in low back or hip that radiates to leg (up to the ankle joint) through the sciatic nerve. This is called sciatic pain.

The patient may experience-


Loss of sensation,

Tingling pain in the leg and foot.(Pain may be unilateral or bilateral),

Pain increasing with walking, decreasing at night & temporarily relieve by bed rest,

Muscle Weakness,

Trunk tilted towards or away from affected side, (That is called Lumbar scoliosis).

Paraspinal muscle spasm,

Extremities sensory aberrations, parasthesia & numbness etc.

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