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Migraine-SymptomsMigraine-Symptoms are many in number. Throbbing pain is the most prominent feature of migraine headache. Another typical feature of migraine is that it occurs on one side of the head near the temples, forehead, and eyes. It makes the patient very sensitive to light, sound, or mild exertion, such as climbing the stairs.


Most of the time migraine is associated with nausea, vomiting, or vision problems. An aura for about 20 minutes to an hour before the pain may be experienced. The patient may see flashing lights, wavy lines or dots, may have blurry vision or blind spots. This is classic migraine. Severe pain can be disabling, forcing people to miss work or other activities. Migraine triggers, Migraine-Symptoms, Migraine-Symptoms,  Migraine triggers


What is migraine headache?

What causes migraine?

What are triggers and symptoms of Migraine? Migraine triggers

What is the treatment for Migraine? Migraine-Symptoms, Migraine-Symptoms, Migraine signs

Migraine-Signs-Symptoms-Triggers Migraine-Signs-Symptoms-Triggers

Migraine Triggers :


Migraine is triggered by flashing light; anxiety and stress, lack of food and sleep, sun, hormonal changes, headache food like oily and spicy food, Junk food, caffeine, genetics and environment. Migraine-Signs-Symptoms-Triggers

Written by Dr A P Nayak


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