What Causes Migraine?

What Causes Migraine?What Causes Migraine?

The exact cause of migraines is still not well understood. But the problem is considered to be neurological (related to the nervous system). It is believed that brain chemicals, blood vessels, and nerves of the brain are involved.

Ayurveda divides the reasons into physical, mental and social. After all it is a psychosomatic disorder.

What is migraine headache?

What causes migraine?

What are triggers and symptoms of Migraine?

What is the treatment for Migraine?

The physical causes:

Dry and rough (zero fat) food- Exaggerates the Vata dosh.

Excessive food- It creates Kapha that joins with the Vata.

Frequent food- It is the reason of Mandagni, that diminishes the Jatharagni (Digestion power). Loss of digestion power helps in the fermentation of food. It creates wind, that is Vata.

Monsoon- Monsoon is the season of Vata prakopa. During this time the vata is escalated physiologically. And Vata is behind all pain.

Dew- Dew helps accumulation of Kapha and aggravation of vata.

Impaired Sex habit- Excessive or wrong practice of sex causes dhatu kshaya (Tissue degeneration), in turn vata exaggeration.

Holding urgency- Holding urgency of flatus, stool, urine, sneezing, thirst, hunger, sleep, cough, breathing, yawning, tear, vomit and siemens causes lots of problem. The Wind formed and accumulated inside goes up and gives the patient a miserable headache.

Restless hard work- It affects the performance. It makes the brain cell fatigue.

Excessive exercise- Excessive of everything causes damage to our body and mind. So as the hard exercise.

The aggravated Vata along with Kapha or alone covers the prone area of head and cause migraine.

The mental causes:

The mental causes include stress, strain, anger, zealousness, lying, cheating, ego etc.

The social causes:

Similarly the social causes of the same disease includes lack of tolerance, lack of cooperation with neighbors, colleagues and interaction with family members.

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What Causes  Migraine?, What Causes  Migraine?