Best Ayurvedic Doctor Bhubaneswar

Ayurveda Doctor Bhubaneswar

best ayurvedic doctor in bhubaneswar

Dr Ambika Prasad Nayak

The doctor is the friend, philosopher and guide of a person who was unknown just before a moment. The patient may not believe a person close to his heart. But he believes in his doctor. In Odisha  it is said “ Vaidya Narayana Hari”. That means the doctor is comparable with the God. About the Ayurvedic doctor lots of statements are available in Ayurveda.

Vāgbhata in his Astang Samgrah and Astang Hridayam samhita writes:-

“Daksha Tirthattosastrartha Drustakarma Suchi Bhishak”.

That means a Vaidya should be skilled, must have read his book religiously, must have practical experience and holistic in nature.

The great Suśruta writes in his work ” Susruta Samhita” (In Sanskrit) :-

Jastu kebala shastragyan, karmasu aparinisthita,

Sa muhyati aaturam prapya, prapya bhiririvahabam”.

That means the gentle man very much sound in theory without and practical experience will behave like a coward in the war filed.


Again he writes:

Jastu karmasu nisnato, dhastaryat shastra bahiskritah, 

Sa sasto pujam naapnoti, badhaam cha arhate Raajatah”.

That means a vaidya doing practice without sound knowledge in theory of Ayurveda is not regarded in the society and deserves a capital punishment from the king.

Vagbhata says-

Hetu linge prashamane roganam apunarbhave,

Gyana chaturbidha jasya, sa rajarha bhishktama”.

A government Ayurvedic medical officer should have knowledge in 1) Cause of the disease, 2) Sign and symptoms of the 3)Remission or treatment of disease, 4) Non recurrence of disease.

In Bhubaneswar, say in Odisha Astang Ayurveda continues the effort to establish a good work culture of Ayurvedic doctor.

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Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Bhubaneswar