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We had mentioned about a primary management of any disease by fasting at home before visiting a doctor. The focus of the topic was fasting. Today we add the Benefits of fasting

Chakradatta describes benefits of Langhana (say fasting) in aspect of Jwara (fever). Also he mentions jwara is the synonym of disease. All diseases arise from loss of appetite and indigestion (Mandagni).

He says-

  1. Aama (the partially digested food juice i.e. Anna rasa) helps the digestion power (jatharagni) get diminished and create disease by blocking the micro channels (specially the Rasabaha srotas).
  2. That is why fasting is advised as the first step of treatment.
  3. Fasting stabilizes the destabilized dosha (active principles, i.e. Vata, Pitta & Kapha) and Agni (digestion power, agni are 13 in number). Also it digests the imbalanced and exaggerated dosha.
  4. It remits the disease, enhances the appetite, interest in food and lightness in body.

How much fasting?

The fasting should not harm the quality or quantity of your life. Conservation of strength should be kept in mind. Because strength is the base of good health and here objective of fasting is nothing but a remitted good health.

People, to avoid fasting

People with neurological disorder, hunger, thirst, dryness in oral cavity, head reeling, child, old age, pregnancy, weakness should avoid fasting.

Sign and symptoms of Perfect fasting

  1. Easy excretion of stool, urine and flattus.
  2. Lightness in body and heart.
  3. Clear eructation.
  4. Cleanliness in mouth, sensory pleasure of taste.
  5. Lack of letharge and depression.
  6. Sweating, interest in food, strong appetite and thirst
  7. Pleasure in mind.

All these signs and symptoms indicate a perfect fasting.

Sign and symptoms of Excessive fasting

  1. Pain in joints, body pain, cough, dryness in mouth, diminished appetite, lack of interest in food, thirst.
  2. Weakness of vision and hearing.
  3. Unstable mental state.
  4. Eructation.
  5. Wasting of body, digestion power and strength.

Controlled fasting is good. Conservation of digestion power is best.


Written By Dr Ambika Prasad Nayak



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