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February 17, 2013
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What is body

What is body?

Last evening I had written about life which includes the word ‘body’. But what is body? Modern physics says that a body is that what acquires space. We cannot deny it. But a more authentic statement which I believe to be a more eternal truth is ‘a body is perishable’. Ayurveda says-

Siryate kshyayate anena iti sarira.

What is decayed and degenerated every moment is called sarira, the body.

Then question may arise, what is the composition of sarira? The answer will be-

Dosha Dhatu MalaMoola hi Sarira.

Sarira is composition of Dosha (say toxin), Dhatu (say tissue) and Mala (say excreta)


Sarira dooshanat dosha.

Dosha- It makes the body toxic.


Dharanat dhatabah.

Dhatu- It holds up the body.


Malinikaranat malah.

Mala- It makes the whole system dirty.

Question arises- Mala or stool is a waste product, an excreta. Then how can it be the composition of body? We should accept that stool is an important element of the body. In case of tuberculosis and severe diarrhea, the doctor has to retain the stool to prevent weakness. Genuinely Ayurveda says-

Mala hi Balam.

Stool is the strength.

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