Osteoarthritis causes types

Osteoarthritis causes types

What causes osteoarthritis? What are the types of osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis causes types

Osteoarthritis causes types , its Ayurvedic treatment and solution for prevention are reorganized by Astang Ayurveda. Ayurveda says, what gets decayed and degenerated every moment is called a body. Accordingly there is degeneration in every part of the body, and so in the joints. A fluid called synovial fluid inside the joints work as lubricant and shock absorber. When it gets degenerated through aging, or malnutrition or hyper function of the joint, the end of the two bones get exposed and a friction takes place giving rise to a pain and stiffness. In this case the pain is felt inside the joint and movement of the joint becomes limited. This is type one arthritis.

What is osteoarthritis?

What causes osteoarthritis ? What are the causes of osteoarthritis?

What are the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis ? How ayurvedic treatment of osteoarthritis is different ?

The second type of osteoarthritis take place due to injury or trauma over the muscles, ligaments around the joint, especially the knee joint. And also over weight is a very prominent reason behind the type two osteoarthritis. Due to overweight the gap between the upper leg and the lower leg gets reduced creates pain on friction. The pain is more experienced during climbing steps and sitting on commode.

Sometimes it is observed that people (more women) with lower body weight also suffer from the knee joint pain. Keen observation reveals that the pain is more outside the knee joint. The patient fingers out one or two points around the knee. Those painful points are nothing other than the inflamed ligaments. It is observed in obesed patient also. This is because of poor quality of the muscle and ligament to carry the body weight whether light or heavy.

Osteoarthritis causes types

In nut shell we can concise the causes of osteoarthritis as follows.Osteoarthritis causes types

  1. Degeneration of joints.
  2. Relatively overweight osteoarthritis
  3. Less physical activity.
  4. Genetic factors.
  5. Joint diseases like gout , rheumatism.
  6. Birth defect.
  7. Trauma
  8. Malnutrition.

Written By: Dr A P Nayak.

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Osteoarthritis causes types are many. Osteoarthritis causes types are to be learnt.

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