Ayurvedic Massage in Bhubaneswar

Ayurvedic Massage in Bhubaneswar

The best Ayurvedic Massage in Bhubaneswar is available at Astang Ayurveda. Our massage is best. Because it is done by well trained therapist. The cleanliness is maintained. We give stress over perfect hygiene. For a true Ayurvedic Massage in Bhubaneswar somebody may ring our hospital in 0674-2352797. It is only 3 KM away from the Biju Pattnaik International Air Port. The synchronized massage gives complete relaxation in body and mind. We use autoclave machine to sterilize the massage costume.

Ayurveda Body Massage-Modern Medicine View

What  modern medicine says about massage?

According to modern system of medicine a massage increases arterial bloodAyurvedic Massage in Bhubaneswar circulation, venous and lymphatic flow. It decreases stagnation of fluid in tissue space. It soothes or stimulates the nerves. Massage helps eliminating waste products of metabolism. It breaks the soft tissue adhesion and reduces swelling of tissue. Massage promotes nutritive exchange between blood and cells.   Relaxation massage   

Massage increases the growth, induces sedation, decreases pain, helps in contraction of hypotonic muscles, increases gaseous exchange in across pulmonary capillaries, removes dead cells from the skin and increases activity of sebaceous and sweat glands.

Ayurveda body massage-Synchronizing body and mind

Ayurveda Body Massage-Types

Ayurveda body massage-Different opinions

Ayurveda body massage-Benefits

Ayurveda Body Massage-Modern Medicine View

 Why Ayurveda body massage at Astang Ayurveda?

Who need Massage?

People who are more indulged in wine, woman and exercise and who think much should go for regular ayurvedic massage. People from corporate business, software profession, politics, and bureaucracy should avail a massage on regular basis.  Old aged person, child, debilitated, emaciated person need abhyanga (Ayurvedic body massage) very much. Ayurvedic massage is a panacea for the ladies. Massage is a very essential need for them at every turning point of life, say- growth, antenatal care, post natal care, menopausal syndrome, menopause, old age etc.


Abhyanga is contraindicated in excessive Kapha condition (cold, phlegm), indigestion, heavy stomach, fever. A massage immediately after detoxification is harmful. If abhyanga is done in above condition, that may lead to loss of appetite and indigestion.

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