Guide to first visit

Guide to first visit

We are pleased that you have chosen Astang Ayurveda for your ( Panchakarma/ medicine)treatment. Every day we strive to uphold the highest standards in medical practice and to give our patients individualized treatment to meet their special needs.Guide to first visit

Please bring these important items to your first appointment:

  • completed medical history form, including a list of medications and dosages
  • MRI or other images and written reports.
  • any other written reports
  • name and address of your family doctor and other referring physician
  • a list of your complains in a written form, so that nothing will be missed.
  • Please come with a fixed appointment so that no time will be spoiled.

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You can Contact our Astang Ayurved hospital at Bhubaneswar, India 751020 phone @ 07008176012, 09437055021, 0674-2352797 or email to @,

Guide to first visit , Guide to first visit