Osteoarthritis Ayurveda Treatment

What is osteoarthritis?

What causes osteoarthritis ? What are the causes of osteoarthritis?

What are the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis ? How ayurvedic treatment of osteoarthritis is different ?

What is Osteoarthritis ?Osteoarthritis Ayurveda Treatment

What is Osteoarthritis ? Osteoarthritis is a gradual process of bone degeneration in the anatomical, physiological, mechanical and pathological condition of the joints, especially of the weight bearing joints like knee, hip joint, ankle joint. Also the elbow joints, shoulder joints and the fingers get affected by osteoarthritis. Different types of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, gout are converted into osteoarthritis (or behave like osteoarthritis) when become chronic.

Degenerative osteoarthritis looks more like a physiological condition than a pathological condition through the course of aging. It looks more like a part of aging than a disease. But this is a disease. That is why some old people do not suffer from osteo arthritis.

It takes place in the older patients after the age of 45 years. After the age of 45 it is more observed in ladies because of hypocalcemia (less generation of calcium in body) after menopause. Osteoarthritis in women is just not a joint disease but a complete woman health problem. Osteoarthritis is otherwise known as Degenerative arthritis .

Osteoarthritis in older patient is worsened by osteoporosis. Ayurveda treatment for osteoporosis is much better than other treatment.

Sometimes it is an arthritis where degeneration takes place as gradual process. At the other time degeneration takes place due to friction of the bone ends after the failure of the ligaments to uphold the joint gap.

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Osteoarthritis Ayurveda Treatment