Q-Is it true that Ayurveda does have no side effect?

Ans- Every effect does have its side effect and so as ayurveda. But it is not as dangerous as that of modern medicine.

Q-Does ayurvedic medicine give a delayed effect?
Ans-No, people approach ayurveda in a delayed manner. A chronic disease, old patient, detoriated health will take time to get managed .

Q-What about the expiry date of ayurvedic medicine?
Ans- Because ayurvedic medicine are made of herbs, they are highy perishable so have expiry date. Only some forms of ayurvedic medicines like Asava, Aristha & Rasa ousadhi work better as they grow old.

Q-Can the acute diseases be managed by ayurvedic treatment?
Ans- Yes, almost all diseases can be managed by ayurveda. Previously when there was no modern medicine people managed all of their health problems with ayurveda.

Q-Do ayurvedic doctors of astanga ayurveda know modern anatomy & physiology?
Ans- The doctors have gone through the modern anatomy & physiology during their under graduation as these subjects come within the syllabus.

Q-Do astanga ayurveda doctors refer modern investigation reports like X-ray, MRI, USG etc.
Ans- Yes, investigation reports and clinical methods are same for all doctors and we justify our treatment with modern technology.

Q-Is there any price list for the treatment of any disease?
Ans- There is a price list for different types of treatment performed in the hospital but there is no price list for any disease because the treatment vary from person to person.

Q-Is the price list same for two persons having the same disease?
Ans- No, because the treatment depends upon disease, person, grade, climate, appetite, stamina, stomach condition, age, etc.

Q-What is the way of payment?
Ans- We take full payment in advance by cash or bank draft.

Q-Can ayurvedic medicine be taken with allopathic medicine & vice versa?
Ans- Yes, because ayurvedic medicine are as safe as food which are also taken during the intake of allopathy medicine.

Q-Can all diseases be cured by ayurveda?
Ans- Yes, almost all diseases can be cured by ayurveda.

Q-Which ayurveda is better, Kerla or Orissa?
Ans- There is nothing called Kerla ayurveda and Orissa ayurveda. Science does have no barrier. It is the same all over the world.

Q-Is there indoor facility in Astanga Ayurveda?
Ans- We do have indoor facilities with single room attached bath-room.

Q-Is chywanprash a common cold medicine?
Ans- No, chywanprash is a rasayan i.e natural anti-oxidant. It prevents aging and brings youthfulness. Because it contains sufficient amla which is rich in vitamin-C, it has excellent effect over cold allergy. It is a tonic round the life.

Q-Can we get a remote consultation and medicine supply?
Ans-Yes, the phone number 9437055021 remains open 24×365 hours to provide immediate service. Also somebody can contact us through email id and get medicine by postal or courier service.

Q- Should I stop all the previous medicine during the Ayurvedic treatment?
Ans: No, you need not stop the previous medicines during the Ayurvedic treatment. Ayuvedic medicines are as good as the food we take everyday.

Q: Can I take allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine together?
Ans: Yes, there is no problem in taking both the medicines together

Q: What all do I need to carry when I come to stay there?

Ans: Nothing to carry except your medicines, investigation report and personal belongings.

Q: Considering that there will be a lot of oil treatment, do I need to carry a few old clothes or the wiping at the end of the treatment is good enough so as not to be leaving any oil residue?

Ans: No need of old clothes. You may get some towels with you, although we are going to give you two new Gamuchha (thin white towels).

Q: Will there be washing of clothes facility on a daily basis?

Ans: No washing facility. You may hire a girl for washing clothes @ Rs 50.00/ day (She will take directly from you).

Q: Taking a walk is allowed during the treatment period is allowed or not?( will be carrying my shoes accordingly)

Ans: Bed rest and no climatic exposure is advisable during Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment.


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