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Trishna dirgham asat vikalppa sirasam pradwesha chanchatphanam
Kama krodha visham vitarka damshanam raga prachandekshanam..
Mohasya sarira kotare sayam chittoraga darunam.
Pragyan manatra valen yah samitavan buddhaya tasmai namah..
This body is a shelter where resides a snake. Trishna, the thirst is its length, negative alternative thinking, its head, wide range of ill intention and jealousness, its hood, sex and anger, its poison, argument, its teeth, interest in materialistic life, its eye and Moha (passion) is its mouth. That snake residing inside the body is nothing other than the Mind. Genuinely it has been narrated Hridayh manasah sthaanam- Heart is the site of mind. I devote my best regards to those intellects who have managed to tame this snake.

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