Billing-Payment|Reasonable priceBilling-Payment|Reasonable price

The management of Astang Ayurveda declares that the consultation fee for one visit in our hospital is Rs. 200/- only.

The cost of the treatments (therapies) is fixed by the hospital management. Billing-Payment|Reasonable price

For management of any disease the possible treatments and their number of sessions are anticipated by the doctor and the cost is pre estimated by a concerned person. Billing-Payment|Reasonable price

The payment is done in two equal installments. If the estimated cost is more than Rs 11,000.00, the first installment is deposited on first day of treatment and the second installment on the seventh day or the middle of the treatment period whichever is earlier.

The payment is done by cash or bank draft or Net Banking.


Q. Is there any package system for the treatment?

Ans: No. For each patient we prepare a fresh treatment program and estimate a current bill.

Q. Why there is not a package system like other treatment centers?

Ans: Actually this is done to bring transparency to the billing and payment  system and make a reasonable price structure. Every individual are not the same. All seasons are not the same. So treatment is always not the same for the same disease with the different patient. Treatments vary and so as the medicines. Also the course of treatments and the amount of medicines differ. A fixed package for all will always be estimated at the higher side.That may not be a reasonable price for the patient.

Q. Does the hospital receive money by card swipe?

Ans: Presently no. We receive through cash & DD.

Q. What currency does Astang Ayurveda receive?

Ans: Astang Ayurveda receives only Indian currency Rupees.


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Billing-Payment|Reasonable price for all Ayurveda treatments|At Less than half of the market price

Billing-Payment|Reasonable price