Ayurveda|Learn-Indian herbal medicine

Ayurveda|Learn-Indian herbal medicine Panchakarma 

Ayurveda|Learn-Indian herbal medicine

Ayurveda, a small whisper of the Holy Sanskrit word flows a current in body and mind. The word Ayurveda can be dissociated into two words called Ayu and Veda. Ayu means life and veda means science. At this point, the kind attention of the reader may be drawn towards a fact that Ayurveda is just not a medical science or health science, rather it is a life science. It nourishes, teaches, guides, completes the life cycle of human beings. It enriches the livelihood. Ayurveda|Learn-Indian herbal medicine

What is life? —What is ayu?

—Sarirendriya satwa atma sanjoga dhari jivitam,

—Nityagascha anubandhascha paryayaih ayu uchhyate. (In Sanskrit: Ch Su 1/42)

—The time period when the body, mind, soul, sense organs remain integrated and composed is called Ayu or Life. —All the words like sarira (body), Indriya (sense organ), Satwa (mind), Atma (soul), Sanjoga (integrated), Dhari (up hold), Jivita (live), Nityaga (non stop), Anubandha (composed) are synonimus to Ayu. Ayurveda|Learn-Indian herbal medicine

According to Ayurveda objective of Ayurveda is to conserve good health and cure the diseases. Ayurveda says “health is a balanced state of Dosha (vata, pitta, kapha), Agni, dhatu(tissue), excretae, soul, sense organs, mind. This definition of health was recited by Sushruta the great before thousands of years. Ayurveda|Learn-

What is the definition of health according to WHO?

It is almost the same as Ayurveda after three modifications.

—Ayuh Kamayamanena Dharmartha sukha sadhanam

Ayurvedepodesheshu, vidheyah paramadarah. (In Sanskrit by Vagbhatta)

—The objectives of life are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

—All these things are possible only when somebody will be having a long and healthy life.

For that the person should have interest in Ayurveda

Odisha Ayurveda:


Odisha is a rich state of science, art and culture. Many a time learners, tourists, migrants, invaders touched it for variant reasons and added value to its culture. Orissa is rich with minerals and dense forests full of flora and fauna. Human resource in Orissa is unparallel, cost effective.

Hospitality in hospital can be a good caption to narrate the medico people in Orissa.

Astang Ayurveda:

Astang Ayurveda a reputed Ayurveda hospital dedicatedly delivers its service to the mankind since 2000 A.D. Till date it is known for its expertisation in locomotory (Joint care and Neuro care) disorder management, skin care and general medicine practice. It has its own vision to provide service in the sector of vision disability and gradually many more. Astang Ayurveda provides the real essence of Ayurveda.

You can Contact our Astang Ayurved hospital at Bhubaneswar, India 751020 phone @ 07008176012, 09437055021, 0674-2352797 or email to @ drapnayak@gmail.com, info@astangayurveda.com.