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PIVD(Prolapsed Inter Vertibral Disc)


 Astang Ayurveda a leading hospital in the field of Ayurveda Panchakarma at Bhubaneswar provides ayurvedic treatment for back pain, PIVD (intervertebral disc prolapse), lumbar spondylosis, disc herniation, slipped disc, disc bulging, sciatica  with a traditional approach to disease of spine, diagnosis, ayurveda panchakarma treatment, ayurvedic medicine, diet, nutrition and life style of back bone disease and prophylaxis.


What is disc prolapse?

PIVD is protrusion of pulpy inner material of an intervertebral disc through the fibrous outer coat causing pressure on adjoining nerve roots, ligaments etc. The spine or back bone is comprised of number of vertebrae which are placed over one another with support of inter vertebral disc. The disc is filled with a pulpy matter surrounded by a fibrous sheath. When the gap between two vertebrae is reduced due to some external or internal reason the inner matter is compressed and prolapsed at a soft part of the sheath.  That causes pressure over the adjoining nerve roots and ligaments giving rise to pain, low back pain, sciatica pain, lumbar pain, lumbar spondylosis, stiffness, swelling, numbness, dysfunction, muscle wasting, burning sensation etc.


What causes disc compression and disc prolapse?


The causes of disc compression can be divided into external and internal type. The external cause includes trauma which is a common feature in athletes, workers, trekkers. The internal cause includes overweight, less toned (hypo toned) muscle, thin body, hyper function of back bone, abnormal growth in vertebral spine etc.

 The total process may give rise to different phenomena called stenosis, bulging, thecal sac compression, cauda equina syndrome, herniation, prolapse, protrusion etc.


Signs and symptoms of PIVD:


The patient will complain of pain in low back or hip that radiates to leg (up to the ankle joint) through the sciatic nerve. This is called sciatic pain. The patient may experience numbness, loss of sensation, tingling pain, in the leg and foot. Pain may be unilateral or bilateral.


What we do at Astang Ayurveda?


Astang Ayurveda is a pioneer in the field of PIVD treatment. With the support of Personal care, Hand made medicines, strong practice of specialized traditional Ayurveda pancha karma for PIVD, expertization over the particular treatment of PIVD, strict guidelines, diet regimen, need based clinical and para clinical consultation we have scripted a specialized PIVD treatment program for the management, rehabilitation, prevention of PIVD. Complete bed rest, internal medicine, panchakarma oriented Ayurvedic treatment, physiotherapy and patient education are included into our regular practice. We do not do different Ayurveda. But we do Ayurveda differently. This noble practice of Ayurveda brings us success, and smile over the face of the patient. PID management is the most successful practice at Astang Ayurveda.

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